3 Points Urban Brewery

Anthony Tank Mansfield



Anthony "Tank" Mansfield

Excessive in the best way possible. Smell the fresh produce at Findlay Market. Put your face right into a bag of hops. Everything is over the top, and absolutely fantastic.

Anthony "Tank" Mansfield got his start in art at a very young age. His rotating gallery titled "I'll Sleep When I Die" comes from the times as a kid he would stay up late drawing characters in his notebook. Tank's black and white art comes from the Sharpie coloring style on slaps, a sticker graffiti art, in Tank's case USPS shipping labels, that make it easy to transfer the art onto surfaces. Tank's full artwork will be on display as the next bar face mural in 3 Points Urban Brewery.

Wake up and feel the most excellent you can, because nothing is better than when you're feeling A Million Percent.