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Matt Boyson



Matt Boylson

This dark lager was brewed to mimic the rich roast heavy and impressively smooth coffees of the Turkish tradition. In the spirit of the traditional Nazar, an evil eye that wards off ill will from others, this beer is meant to be enjoyed without hazard.

Matt Boylson has been working with Melissa Aydogan to help tell the Rüya Coffee story since she graduated from her People's Liberty space. When he first began to help with branding and event promotion, Matt didn't expect it would lead to designing a beer for Rüya. Maybe a coffee bag, but definitely not beer. Matt embraced the story of the Nazar from Melissa, incorporating Turkish Water Marbling design throughout the three-colored design. A recent graduate of DAAP, Matt currently works as a designer at Intrinzic and freelances throughout the city. 

Sit with friends, have a conversation, play some backgammon and see if your fortune is favorable.