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LD Nehls



LD Nehls

Imagine yourself flying several hundred feet in the air and you’re able to look down at the tiny myriad of patterns and textures of the Earth below. That’s exactly what Lindsay Nehls did.

Lindsay has been a staple in the Cincinnati arts scene for quite some time now. She spent much of her early life traveling around with family, but called Cincinnati home after graduating from UC’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. She has done everything from running an art supplies shop to hosting Drink & Draw at the Contemporary Arts Center.

A true story: Lindsay was struggling to meet a deadline for submitting art when suddenly, it all came together. While on a flight to Los Angeles, Lindsay sketched out her concept and grabbed her watercolors to capture the land below. Different textures, depths, seasons of the land, it was all there for her to capture.

There’s a complex nature to it all, but when it clicks you suddenly notice all of the subtle details.

That is Lindsay’s Birdseye.