3 Points Urban Brewery



Pull up a chair and listen to your grandfather’s story of classic Americana. Easy Ale is a smooth, easy-drinking cream ale. Adam Laine took the assignment of creating Easy Ale’s artwork and was able to capture that exact classic feel.

A designer by trade, Adam has been working with 3 Points Urban Brewery since its inception. Taking on the heritage brand of beer only made sense after conceptualizing the brewery branding itself. Adam’s brand hellolittlerobot is an exemplary display of precision, something we aimed for in Easy Ale.

The hardest part of mastering simplicity is the confidence required to stand alone. There is nothing to hide behind, nothing to distract from. Adam took that challenge head on and created a true portrait of beer in the United States. He created the feeling of a warm summer’s night, hotdogs on the grill, that feeling of cracking open a cold one after work.

As Adam so eloquently put it himself, “Drink up, it’s time to take it easy.”