3 Points Urban Brewery

Ben Brown



Ben Brown, Bunk News

 Welcome to the depths of our brewing experimentation. Each beer, named after a conspiracy theory, will come directly from the unfiltered minds of our brew deck. Ever heard of the cold envelope? The one that sat in the freezer, assuring the NBA that Patrick Ewing would be drafted by the New York Knicks?

Ben Brown of Bunk News tackled the conspiracy theory with moving parts throughout the art. Come inside the brewery and watch the 3 turn into a 33. Bunk News is an art collective located here in Pendleton. They've taken over breweries, streets and even riverboats with their work in Cincinnati. Ben Brown incorporates a layered visual approach to his art, quite literally creating layers in a video program until a final piece is reached. Check out Ben and the rest of Bunk News at their website below.

Cold Envelope pairs together earthy minerality and fruity effervescence in a lager. Close your eyes and reach blindly, it's the cold one.