3 Points Urban Brewery

Hello Little Robot


Thunder Gulch


Soft and warm, a quiet storm. A power source of tender force, yet fully capable of destruction and disruption. Imagine seeing the storm approaching through a screen door and there’s nothing to do but sit and watch.

A designer by trade, Adam has been working on 3 Points Urban Brewery since its inception. In order to begin the Thunder Gulch project, Adam had to remove himself first from the knowledge and context of the brewery. Adam’s personal creative brand, Hello Little Robot, is another example of story-telling through design.

Layers of moving clouds, with a deep dark palette, implies movement of an approaching quiet storm. Adam went through many variations of design, including an array of typography options. The final artwork is as a crescendo, from the quiet storm until the rumble of thunder. 30:1 odds? You better count on this storm hitting.